Ownership is Leadership

Ram a CEO of a Pharmaceutical company had just finished a marathon of meetings and something from an earlier discussion was gnawing at him. Two meetings after that and on his way back home, he could still not shake that feeling off. Ram remembered mumbling something about the roads and his driver responded saying that everyone was blaming someone else. That was it! In that instant Ram realized...

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Nexters - Movers & Shakers

[We believe that all business, functional and departmental heads in organisations are potentially the next CxOs and hence we will call them 'nexters' in this article.]

Right now someone, somewhere, is walking to his manager to say, "I have a problem". The manager would hear it and is very likely to say, "I will take this up"and take it up he does, to be told by his manager "I would look into it". Later during the day (or in a few days) the problem makes its way up and a senior manager tells a nexter "There is a problem". A little pause, silence....

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Journey to the corner of the office

One small step for the organisation and a giant leap for the nexter. That's what the corner office proposition is.

Think about it. From starting a professional career, as an individual contributor the nexter journeys through many role changes to reach this all-important level of becoming the mover and shaker at an organisational level. The next destination for every aspiring nexter is the corner office and here the landscape of the journey rapidly changes. It is a big leap.

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