Developing Nexters

There is a clear business case for developing leadership at every level in the organisation. Our focus however is the group that directly reports to the CEO/Business Head. We call this group the ‘Nexters' as they are potentially the next CEOs in waiting.


Developmental efforts must begin with the areas where impact is maximum and capabilities can be best leveraged.

Nexters possess an advantage in terms of the knowledge, business acumen and strategic outlook required to impact organisational outcomes when compared to others in the organisation.

Building organisations also requires persistent & focused long term efforts. Nexters as a category of leaders offer this opportunity more than the others.

Nexters are best positioned to influence decision making, drive change, have access to all stakeholders and hence enjoy the power to initiate actions.

Consider this:

AThe ability to affect organisational outcomes beyond task

TThe ability to persist with focussed organisational change efforts

LThe impact from leadership development

The following table illustrates the impact from leadership development efforts in various combinations of these factors: