About Us

Our Philosophy

Organisational performance has always been a function of the quality of organisational leaders.

Ownership is Leadership.

We know that most development initiatives expose potential leaders to knowledge and good practices but these don't come to the fore when really needed.

Leadership development is not just about learning a range of positive behaviors but about consciously making it a way of life. That is when the payoff is maximum and organisations sustain success and grow. The key to making this happen is by helping leaders acquire a fundamental yet profound mindset - the Ownership Mindset.

From our experience in working with a range of executives, across industries, we now know that 'Ownership' is a new age competence that regulates application and development of every other leadership behavior and skill. It is no surprise that this simple yet loaded term is what many CEOs are wishing for in their teams.

Leadership is for everyone
and at all times.

Whether you are an individual, entrepreneur or a manager responsible for others, you would need the repertoire of leadership essentials to constantly drive performance. Keeping yourself and others motivated at all times to deliver the maximum, is an art and science. This can be learnt.

Leadership is distinct from
effective management.

Accepting or being in a management position makes us managers. Becoming a leader involves much more. Simply put managers create plans, marshal resources, create processes and deliver results. Similarly at a simple level, leadership involves delivering results for the present, through motivated individuals, high performing groups, and building capabilities for the future.

What worked in the past,
may not, in the future.

Markets change fast and competition is always fierce. Crises and changes are bound to happen. Proven and successful strategies also need a relook. Your deep values and conviction need to drive your actions. With so much additional burden on leaders, there is always a good reason to learn more and develop more. This is not optional anymore but an imperative. Like it or not, others expect this from you.