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[We believe that all business, functional and departmental heads in organizations are potentially the next CxOs and hence we will call them ‘nexter™s’ in this article.] One small step for the organization and a giant leap for the nexter™. That’s what the corner office proposition is. Think about it. From starting a professional career, as an individual contributor the nexter™ journeys through many role changes to reach this all-important level of becoming the mover and shaker at an organizational level. The next destination for every aspiring nexter™ is the corner office and here the landscape of the journey rapidly changes. It is a big leap.

Back to the life of the nexter™. It’s not about incremental progress – doing more of the same in a better way, anymore. No longer can the nexter™ be concerned solely with the function or department. This is a discontinuous leap from a silo to a boundless world. This is ownership mindset at its best. The real challenge for a nexter™ here is that while there is so much to be learnt, it can appear that there is very little time, given the operational demands of the role.

Exemplary organizations proactively prepare nexter™s, for challenges not faced hitherto. Nexter™s need to gain this wisdom shift and take personal responsibility of their multi dimensional learning- and all this while not dropping the ball on their current deliverables.

Nexter™s must consciously take time out to pause, reflect, get trained, mentored and coached, all leading up to a momentous run up to take the giant leap and land gloriously in the corner office.